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updated wednesday nights ~ see you then! :)

5 July

i am in no way affiliated with fbr (fueled by ramen)!
im just here to have some fun.
these comics are in no way based on any actual events... sometimes :P
i will try to post new strips every week...
shooting for wed nights 7ish (pacific time) :)
see you around!!

COMMENTS ARE APPRECIATED!!! please let me know how im doin!

if you have any questions, comments, concerns...
feel free to email us:
fueledbycomics AT hotmail DOT com

lj is maintained and updated by me ~sAwA~

myspace is maintained and updated by ~nora_fbc~
she is also running the

copy and paste to show your friends about camp fbc on LIVEJOURNAL! yay! ^_^


HERE ARE SOME ICONS! ^_^ right click, "save image as..." to desktop, upload (they are 100x100 pix)

please credit if you use, thanks!

i have a dA account now, if anyone wants to see what else im up to (besides FbC of course) :) deviantART